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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

So why Menippus?

Simply put...because poems are fucking gay.  It's very natural for me to write as I speak (prose) compared to metered/structured writing (poems).  I can remember hating poems ever since I was a wee little cynic in eighth grade.  The hate began with an assignment for a Humanities/English class, and if I recall correctly, we had to write something like ten different poems using ten different styles.  My very first "poem" was about how I hated poems so much.

Don't get me wrong...some people can pull it off.  Homer and Luo Guanzhong of Romance of the Three Kingdoms come to mind.  But they're epic writers/philosophers, and I'm just some douchebag with an online blog.  You think in thousands and thousands of years, when Google's old servers are found by the new super human race, and they recover my blog, my shit will be so good that they'd base a whole assignment on prose writing for their eighth graders?

Probably not...but maybe we'll be so foreign to them by then that it'd be worth a second look.  I don't think any of the ancient homo sapiens who engraved petroglyphs on rock thought that in a thousand years people would look at the carvings with wonder.  I hope the super humans don't understand this blog when they see it. They'll stare at it in awe, and wonder if there's any significance to it, when really it's just some doucher douching some insignificant douche on the Douchynet.

Hey super humans.....fuck you!

On a more related note...Menippus is kind of a mystery.  None of his works survived, but he was the original playa hata, ya dig?  I may never become an epic a good writer whose work is revered thousands of years later, but I can at least strive to fascinate some future, super human kid whose parents paid $125 space dollars to go to the crappy Google museum on Mars.  Even if at first he didn't want to go, but his dad convinced him otherwise cause he's kind of a nerd, and he's interested in stupid old shit such as old, unintelligible blogs found on old, useless Google servers.  But I digress...

I'd be content if that's the only thing this blog amounts to.  For now though, I'll just continue to do what I'm doing regardless.


  1. lol! funny and clever, i like it.

  2. I've seen a lot worse nonsense drivel on here so I don't think they would class you with the stupid hordes of people, but you might get sold in bulk with failed online writers ( lol


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