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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Mind's Morose Meandering

This blog is just so good that you can't but help read about it every few days.

I can already feel it in my fingers as I type every sentence.  You're probably wondering where my wonderful writing will take you next this very second. mind's morose meanderings are all that you have now.  How quickly you went from not caring at all about me to needing me.  It's strange though...this particular blog isn't as good as the last two.

That's okay just dismiss the fact that you're not feeling the same rush as you did the first two times.

"It'll come back...I just need to read one more paragraph.  That's all...just one more paragraph."

There's that wonderful feeling.  It's like waves of euphoria pouring down your body, constantly, yet in slow motion.  It starts on the sides of your head, building up slowly over time until it overflows down into your neck and shoulders.  Then it builds up again, and shoots down your arms and torso...all the way down, over and over.

"That was nice, I guess."

You're all fools though.  It's time to reveal my true identity to you...I'm an e-crack dealer.  I give you the good shit for the first two blogs, and once you're hooked I give you garbage.  Blogs cut with bad writings and seplling mistakes.  It's all about supply and demand.  Basic assumptions of suply and demand say that as supply goes down, demand goes up.  But I have an inelastic product at my fingertips.

"God this sucks..."

This means I have to keep you thinking that your getting you're e-crack with a bad product.  Maybe I'll start rebranding my self or something.  How does 'The Eternal Optimist' sound to you?  To obvious, right?  But I can't have you leave me and find another e-crack dealer who gives you that final rush that puts you over the edge because you're so used to reading crap that you read too much good shit and OD.  That would be bad. 

It's all good though.  There's a couple brainstorms in the making that should make for sum good readings. 

Stay tooned.


  1. your writing does impress me. maybe you can write the next michael bay film with less explosions!


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